1944 Claud Butler Continental Club
serial number 41517 (on bottom bracket and steerer tube), 58.5 cm seat tube ctc, 59 cm top tube ctc, 71° seat tube, 73° head tube, 42.5" / 108 cm wheelbase (axle fully back in rear dropouts), Claud Butler forward serrated ends (rear dropouts), Claud Butler quick release front ends (front dropouts), round fork blades with a Russ rake, cast bottom bracket (stamped 64/6). Purchased from Andrew Long, who purchased it from CB builder Bill Gray. "Bertram" painted on steerer tube. Repaint by Carlos Martell.

Components: Milremo Professionnels cottered crankset; Aluvac 46t chainring; Bayliss Wiley bottom bracket and TDC No. 2 axle; Brampton B8 pedals; GB Professionnel stainless steel toe clips; Reg toestrap buttons; Bayliss Wiley double-fixed 40o hub with 18t 1/8" fixed cog/20t 1/8" TD Cross Deluxe AB freewheel (67/60 gear inches); no-name 32o front hub; Sun CR18 rims; Renold 1/8" chain; Cyclo Benelux rear wheel nuts; Cyclo True-track Chain Adjusters; GB stem; GB Maes bend handlebars with scalloped ferrule; Milremo handlebar plugs; mixed Brampton & Campagnolo Gran Sport headset; Alp (CLB) High-Life brake calipers; GB Superhood brake levers; Jagwire X-Caliper brake pads; Birmalite alloy open-top 26.4mm seatpin; Ideale No. 3 saddle clamp; Middlemore Swallow saddle

Weight: 25.1 pounds

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Bike frame in original condition : Andrew Long purchased it from Bill Gray at The Boat Harbour in Colliers Wood, South London

CLAUD BUTLER CATALOGUE PAGES FOR THE CONTINENTAL CLUB MODEL: Russ forks My 1944 Claud Butler Continental Club has the special bend Russ forks, as do these bikes below. See Ernest F. Russ site on Classic Rendevous

Blue Riband

1937 BSA
Gold Medal

1938 BSA
Triple Gold Star

1950 Carlton
Special Race

1930s Holdsworth
La Varience

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